Seminars & Publications


Protecting the Record for Review on Appeal; Statement of Decision
(Orange County Bar Association), August 2020

“Preserving the Record on Appeal”
(Orange County Bar Association), June 2018

“How to Protect Your Trial Record for Potential Appeal”
(Orange County Bar Association), October 2016

“Legal Writing – The Basics!”
(Legal Aid Society of Orange County), September 2016

“Specialty Credit Night – Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession”
(Orange County Bar Association), August 2015

“The Ins and Outs for the In/Out Business Spouse”
(American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers), January 2015

“Bias in the Legal Profession”
(Appellate Law Section, Orange County Bar Association), January 2015

“Appellate Tips for the Family Law Practitioner and Professionalism”
(Association of Certified Family Law Specialists), May 2014

“Statements of Decision”
(Orange County Superior Court Judges’ Education Conference), May 2014

“Components of Appellate Lawyering”
(UCI Law School – Appellate Law Class), April 2014

“Sperm, Egg & Parental Permutations: Today’s Law, Tomorrow’s Malpractice”
(American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers) February 2014

“Effective Appellate Advocacy”
(Whittier Law School), November 2013

“Legendary Orange County Appellate Lawyers” – Panel
(Appellate Law Section, Orange County Bar Association), September 2013

“Be Careful What You Ask For – Dispositions on Appeal”
(Appellate Law Section, Orange County Bar Association), November 2012

“Appellate Tips for Family Law Practitioners”
(State Bar of California) Annual Meeting, October 2012

“Appellate Court Roundtable – An Insider’s View”
(American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers), January 2012

“Beyond Bias: Fairness in the Courts and Legal Community”
(Orange County Bar Association), December 2011

“The Importance of the Record on Appeal”
(Orange County Women Lawyers Association), September 2011

“‘I Have a Verdict, Now What?’ Post-Verdict Motions & Appeals”
(Orange County Trial Lawyers Association), June 2011

“Recent Family Law Appeals”
(Family Law Section, Orange County Bar Association), August 2010


“The Statement of Decision Process”
ACFLS, Family Law Specialist Spring 2018, No. 2

“What Lawyers Need to Know About Statements of Decision”
Orange County Trial Lawyers Assoc., The Gavel, Spring 2009, Vol. 12, No. 2

“Appellate Procedure for Trial Lawyers”
Orange County Lawyer, April 2006, Vol. 48, No. 4

The Law Offices of Marjorie G. Fuller has published articles on trial technique, appellate procedure, legal issues, and bias in the legal profession.